Fear? What do you fear? Why? Should you?

If we are not mindful, fears can and will rule our lives.  Fears can wreak havoc and keep us stuck.  Fears are not part of the natural currents of life.  Life is change, movement, pain, sorrow, growth, death, and much more.  We are supposed to be swayed and propelled in our lives much like the ocean waves.  Embrace your fears, face your fears, free yourself to experience your life.

I’ve been fearful for many years of this “one thing” that I have managed to avoid by just not choosing to put myself in that place.  But by not allowing myself to be there I have limited my experience, knowledge, and talents.  I have suppressed my growth.

Then, the other day an experience propelled me to go back to that place where I was not allowing myself to go.  And in that place I found so much life, future, and peace.

Sometimes when life presents us with challenges that haunt or hurt our soul, it’s time to look deeper for the meaning.  Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this happening to me?”  If you have, there might be an underlying meaning.  Is it related to fear?  I don’t know, only you can answer that for yourself.


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