An Accident or a Mistake?

When was the last time that you were talking with someone and they admitted that their child was a mistake. I was speaking to a single mom the other day who never planned to have children. Her parents died when she was 12 and she had to raise her siblings. She was done raising children. At 39 she accidently got pregnant. “Oh he was a mistake,” she said. So many times I have heard the story of my life and how I was a mistake. How my parents didn’t want me, how I wasn’t planned. My father had left his family for another woman. I’ll never know the real story because I wasn’t there (obviously!). But for some reason he came back just once more and made me with my mother. Mistake, mistake, mistake…has always chimed in my head. Not wanted, not wanted, not wanted…chills my soul. But for some reason, as this mother spoke of her son, her sweet and wonderful son, who is such a good boy. He is adorable, and sweet and such a wonderful addition to our planet. I looked at her as her words ACCIDENT/MISTAKE boomed in my mind and said, “But he isn’t a mistake, he’s a wonderful gift given to you. You never know what good he will do in this world.” Her eyes began to tear and I could see her spirit glow as she had an epiphany, a growing moment. And I too grew as I realized that I wasn’t a mistake or an accident. Everything I do, well I’m not perfect, but I try everyday to make the world that I live in a better place. I try to pass on peace, love, compassion, understanding, and knowledge. I am a good person and I know in my heart that the world is a better place because I am in it. I certainly cannot prove it by any means, but I know.


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