Tiny Babies All Alone


Tiny Baby all alone

No one working

No one home

Hungry, wet, chilled to the bone

Little baby crying left alone

Where is God?

Where has she gone?

Will she be back before too long?

What is that I hear?

Little baby unbeknown, it’s God sobbing in the darkness so alone

Tiny Baby all alone

Learning distance

Experiencing loneliness

Imprinting sadness

Memorizing pain

Owning loss, not her own

Where is God?

Why has she gone?

When will she return from sobbing darkness before too long?

Who is she now that He is gone?

Alone, alone, alone…

Gone, gone, gone…

What when wrong?


We made babies that is all

She didn’t respect me

She got fat (After three babies? Come on!)

She was sloppy (Please! Tired and exhausted!)

She was depressed all day long (Her life was over; couldn’t you see she had no idea babies brought with them such responsibility!)

She wasn’t partying all night long (Nursing babies and drinking don’t mix man!)

So I was gone!

Tiny Baby all alone

But wait who’s that!?

A big girl (she’s only four) with long black hair

Now there, there

Clumsily she lifts tiny baby from her cage

Struggling she dries tiny baby

Carefully she wraps tiny baby

Thankfully she delivers tiny baby to God

Finally to warm milk

God sobs, and bawls, and cries

So much that the warm milk fails to flow

Softness and warmth lost

Replaced by the girl who’s only four

Who feeds tiny baby with a stiff rubber nub

Milk not creamy, not sweet, barely warm

No father, no mother, all alone

Replaced with sorrow

No warm and happy home

Depression abounds

Sadness thrives

Tiny babies all alone

No mother, no father, no hope, no home


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