Looking for Love: Internet Dating Scams

What are internet dating-scams?

Sometimes women on the internet can try to trick men out of their money.

Why does the man get tricked?

Well, he’s usually hoping to find a soul mate or companion. He may be lonely and looking for a nice person to love him and understand him. Normally, he would find a girlfriend that lives in the same town as he does, but since his job requires him to always be on the go, it’s hard to meet a nice girl who would really like him.

Luckily, he is contacted online by her; she is interested in him. He might get a picture of her, she may look like something out of a glamour magazine. She might be his dream girlfriend come to life. She starts chatting with him and eventually calls him. When they talk mostly she says everything he likes to hear, and mostly he agrees with everything she says. He might think they are a perfect match. She just might be the one. He is probably in love with her. The more they talk the more they wish to see each other, and maybe make it official. Pictures, talking, chatting sometimes are not enough. They might be ready to make a commitment. Maybe she makes plans to visit but is unable to because she hasn’t the money for a plane ticket. Well, if that’s the only thing keeping them apart, he might think that sending her the money for the ticket is a great idea. He might send the money and buy a ticket, but then there’s a problem. She might not be able to visit because of a tragic event. Or maybe it’s a problem with her visa or other official documents. He might need to call other family members and ask for money because he hasn’t saved up enough money yet from his job to give her so she can get her and spend some real time with him. His family might get mad at him and tell him he’s crazy. They might not understand. But he knows he’s in love and it’s the real thing.

But now it’s getting tough because his family won’t give him the additional money he needs. He is crazy in love with her. But then one day he wakes up and realizes that she might be a fantasy or a dream that he has created in his heart and mind. But he can’t stop now. He’s too deep. He’s made a commitment. He’s told his family about her, his mother. He’s found his mate. He realizes all these anxieties are normal. He realizes too that maybe it’s time let her go. Maybe he thinks about past relationships and how the person was real and that that is what he wants instead. He decides to end it with her and he realizes that he probably won’t see any of his money. He might think too that he has learned something very important. That he might have made a mistake. He remembers something that he heard about that word on Urban Dictionary “Catfish” and decides to google it. Then he probably reads it: Catfish: A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they are not using Facebook, or other social media (like World of Warcraft) to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances. He decides to watch the movie Catfish the movie and ends up understanding his situation. He might feel embarrassed by being tricked, but feeling embarrassed or hurt are normal feelings that he knows with time will pass. He might decide to try creating a profile on an online dating site with a nationally known reputation like eharmony.com.

After a short while he meets the girl of his dreams. She accepts him for who is completely and doesn’t try to change him. The best part of her is that she is real, soft, sweet, pretty, and adores him. Now he is happy and probably not lonely anymore.


I wrote this story for my brother in law who I suspect may be on the Autism spectrum.  I feel really bad for him because he is a grown man and has never been tested for Autism.  His family shakes their heads and throws their arms up.  I’m not sure, now that I wrote this, how to present it to him.  I just want him to be able to see outside of this box he’s crammed himself into.  Wish me luck?


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