I Covet and I Wish


I wish sometimes that I could be with you

But then I realize it would be nothing new

Yes, in the beginning it would be bliss

Romance and all kissy kiss

Temporarily remiss of all our worldly business

In our hast to recreate we destroy

Much to the disgust of those around us

We will certainly ignore the gore

And all of this is just a fantasy

Life is like a delicate, beautiful, pansy

A road before us placed long and wide

Running fast don’t look at either side

Because in the corners and the dark

Lurk, lust, yearning, and broken hearts

Why I hold you in my mind like a secret treasure

About to burst from the mountainside

I do not know

But I do know, this is not reality

I do covet the beautiful, green, tasty, warm, tall grass

I see growing on the other side of the fence

Ah but look hard enough

Just a mirror, a reflected trick that my eyes gaze into

Throw the rock and see, it will shatter

Behind will be blackness and death

Look to life right where you exist

Hour, moment, second, NOW!

This is where it all lies

Slow down, look around, breath in

Smile, don’t frown

It’s not you who I really want

But the real me that I see in you

Me that was lost

Me that can again be found


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