Other Lives


I don’t want to destroy my life

Or do I? No, no I don’t!

It’s something bigger that’s driving me

External like a wave, forcing

Pushing me forward to a place


When I see you sitting there

All alone, I hesitate

I wonder should I intrude

Or just pretend to not see you

Yes, approach, what’s the harm

The worst you would do is ignore me

But you don’t, you reward me

I appear, quietly, suddenly

You stand and I’m amazed

Yes, I’m reading you right

You’re moving towards me

Arms, head, body, face

Carefully, you’re hugging me

Not too close or too tight

You’re hard, skinny, taller than I imagined

I am surprised that you have no scent

I’m careless

I hug a little tighter than I probably should

As you move away we hear a rip (were we ripped apart?)

Uh oh, is it higher than my hip

Oh no it’s fine, just a tiny tear

Underwear will hide the hole

Ah but you’re wearing none

LOL just a joke

Nervous you are

I give you my calm

Relax, it’s okay it’s time to be here with me

No harm will be done

We’ve been given a few minutes to talk

The universe gives it’s permission

Then people come

You move away

Refocus your attention elsewhere

Why I feel so comfortable

When I am with you

Should I fear familiarity

You are my hope

You have healed my past

Quelled my nightmares

My reality

If lost what is mine

Another will

Quiet the pain

Not replace

But remain

To love me


Someone will always love me

No matter what


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