Crazy is as Crazy Does

My childhood severely depressed me. My childhood almost destroyed me.  The realization that one’s childhood was unstable, scary, and sad is depressing. My childhood was such, I feel, due to others bustling around acting out each feeling or whim, reacting rather than thinking, and making choices that hurt themselves and others. They were behaving like I can when I’m occasionally feeling “crazy” (I define as:  unreasonable, irrational, and reactionary) and make destructive and hurtful choices. Except they seem to possess no self-control, operating crazily continually, as if no sane choices existed! 

And so it goes without saying that even though I have isolated and separated myself from my family, that I continually run into people who are running around acting crazy.  All I have to say is that it is difficult to think and act rationally, much easier to react without thinking.  So I wonder are we all just like Pavlov’s dog, trained to salivate when our senses detect the meat?  Yes, I believe we are.  


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