Tiny girl stuck

Unpredictable, lonely, frightening, hunger, painful world

Beatings, bruises, screaming, demeaning, tormenting, insanity, chaos constantly ensuing

Tiny girl not understanding

Dreaming, wishing, hoping,

Knowing different choices


But helpless and voiceless

Advance forward many years

All evil has passed, not here and now

Escaped somehow

Gone are those who beat my body

Dead are those who tried to steal my soul

Right now, I am not alone

Finally I have found my home

Routine, love, friendship, fruitfulness, abound

Surrounded by those who are kind, loving, giving, supportive, understanding, tolerant, patient, forgiving, knowing, believing, respecting, and real

Those who build my soul

Slowly gaining back that which was lost

Regaining faith, trust, hope

Building safe life

Using my voices

Making different choices

Uncomfortable and unfamiliar

Like itchy sandpaper underwear


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