In Between the Road There Are Places

Doors open, doors close

Good comes, bad goes

Left then right

Up then down

Forward and back

Around and wound like a top

Floundering blindness, sight

Fear of day and blackest night

Where the road goes I’ll never know

The path holds too many foes

Too, two of me

Can we be?

Then they would know the road

Choosing to stay

Wanting to go

Right, wrong no one knows

Darkness flows, grows

Suddenly, blinding light

Bright, searing, painful, delight?

Is this black?

Not white

It’s nothing now that I am gone

Spaces far, open wide

No more confining road ride

Understanding truth revealed

Giving receiving

Faith Believing

Reality is not the right path

Truth is here, now, aware, feeling

Sensing connectedness of all living beings


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