Why Was I Born?

I wish I didn’t have to ask

Why I was born

I wish I knew why I were here

Among this torrid storm

Hunger, fear, pain, sadness all around

School? Really?

It’s supposed to be a safe place

A place where I can learn

But when I get there

All I hear is “You stink!” and “Wake up Fern!”

Breakfast and lunch are my favorite parts of the day

The worst is when the bell rings and I can no longer stay

The counselor met with me today she said enthusiastically

“You have so many hopes and dreams! Your childhood is temporary when you grow up you can do anything!”

Pardon me, if those words go unheard

If you had to go home with me tonight

You’d see I have no hopes or dreams

You’d see why I’m so dirty, with bug bites on my arms

You’d understand my childhood and probably hold me in your arms

My childhood isn’t temporary, it’s happening to me now

If I don’t somehow get out somehow

I promise I’ll throw myself from a tall building to the ground

Now that will stop the presses, and bring in all crowds

Confusing that that should matter much more to others than my life right now

How do I stop this madness and bring in all the clowns?


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