Lost in Boundaries


I want to tell you so many inappropriate things

That are real in me, that you do not actively see

I want to tell you that you heal in me

That little lost girl

Missing her absent father

I want to tell you that somehow you are filling an

Irreplaceable need of guidance, protection, love

Why are you so nice to me?

I’m shocked surprised that you “think” of me

That for some reason my petty need reverberated in your mind

And you reached out to me

That you care about me on your own time in your mind

That you want for me to succeed

Gives to me that which I need

If they had been there for me

Not taken themselves away

Then I would see me through my own eyes

But that you see me through yours

Gives me hope

And why are you so nice?

They were never this kind.

Are you real? Is this real? Am I dreaming?

We are so connected that it’s surreal

I feel when we are apart your ripple

But if I said to you what I really feel

It would be lost in boundaries

That you are there for me strong, stable, willing,

I wish you knew what you are doing

But your mind is blind

I wish you knew how much you mean to me

I wish you knew how deeply your kindness touches me

Words cannot express the emotion that vibrates through me

It’s beauty is like that of a waterfall, cool, crisp, blue on a searing hot day

I wish that you continue to be with me through my entire journey

I hope that we will always be friends

That one day I will be as brave as you

And share my story too, with you


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