I’m Having a Nightmare While I’m Awake

I’m having a nightmare

Not a nightmare

I’m struggling to wake

It feels like reality, but I know it’s a mistake

Lights are brighter, sounds are sharper, unforgiving

No time, my work unending

No rendering

I’m in hell

Is that a bell?

Endlessly sorting finely grated cabbage into three distinct piles

Green, light green and white, do they go in files?

Children are screaming and laughing

Mouths crammed full of sweets, Cheetos, and piping? (Isn’t that for sewing?)

Math problems swirling around in my head

I forgot how to do those!  My brain must be dead.

Did you say something? What is today?

I know I’m dreaming, all this is not real, this isn’t yadot.

In awhile I’m going to wake up

The door? I can’t find the door to open it up

If I could kill myself, I would

But I don’t die in my dreams like I should

Please just give, something just give

I’m too exhausted to live

So why would I want to wake up anyway?


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