Everything Happens for a Reason

I believe that everything happens for a reason and that humans are connected to one another.

I remember when my children where little, taking them to the nearby lake and tossing a few pebbles into the water. As we watched each pebble fall it would create a ring.  Each ring would ripple, grow and eventually cross into each other.  Ah ha, my first tangible example I had of how we humans are connected.

Today I was grumpy, tired, day dreamy, and driving to my hair appointment.  Not really in a hurry, but I needed to be there on time.  For some unknown reason–even though I had Siri barking out directions–I merged left rather than right.  When I realized I was about to miss my turn I signaled and tried to merge, but (I feel) no one noticed and I was forced to go straight.  A little miffed, I almost decided to continue, but thought I might be late if I didn’t use the freeway.  So I decided to make a U-turn and double back.

Then I did something different, I decided to try to go the new way Siri was taking me.  I passed my normal turn, merged off the freeway, and waited behind another car at the light.  When the light turned green the car in front of me quickly turned left and I proceeded slowly (I drive like a little old lady–always have) when suddenly a man on a bike zipped right out in front of me.  I think the only reason I stopped or even saw him was because I ride a bike and maybe that makes me more aware of bicyclist.

Now I’m left wondering if the events leading up to that moment when our paths crossed were somehow connected. Were we connected today?  Would he have been hit had another driver been waiting?

I’d like to think the reason I was deterred today was for that moment, where quite possibly a life was preserved.

So as you’re going about your business and “things” don’t go your way, remember that everything happens for a reason and more often than not we never know why.



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