Miracles happen all the time in my life.  Here’s another one that happened yesterday. Sometimes life is hectic and I get frustrated and take it out on myself.  This is totally an ED thing, but once in awhile it still happens.    My personal life and my job have been hectic lately and I walked out the door, not eating, but I have food at work and usually eat my snacks while I get ready for my day.  (So don’t get me wrong I was going to eat.)

I drive by Einstein’s Bagels everyday and almost stopped, but my computer was crashing and I needed to get into work to call the IT department early for some HELP.  So I drove on by and didn’t allow myself that treat, no matter how bad I wanted it.  I had other responsibilities to attend to. (I know I know I need to take care of myself first or nothing else will get taken care of, but just read on.)

As I was driving to work, my mind wandered back to a place (that always reminded me of my grandmother’s home, it had the same smells and clutter.) I used to work regularly.  And I wished that just once someone would bring in a treat like they used at that job.

What happened next, I find amazing.

When I got to work, signed in and stopped by my friend’s office for a quick hello.  I told her I am sooo hungry and wish someone had some food this morning.

Oh she says, I have donuts right here.  Would you like one?  Now these weren’t just any donuts.  There happens to be a Donut shop that I LOVE that makes the best non greasy good quality donuts on the planet.  It was from this shop that these donuts were purchased from.

I almost said no, but realized this was a tiny miracle happening and accepted a donut.  Cinnamon dusted and apple filled, the most delicious treat!  My favorite!

So if you don’t believe in miracles, even though this sounds trivial.  It was a big one in my life yesterday.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a small miracle today!


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