Why Does it Happen?

Okay so I’m on this quest lately  (Actually, for the past 10 years) to discover or realize why things happen the way they do.  I’m always looking for connections.

Although this may not seem like much I believe it’s significant.

Yesterday, I forgot to get something at the store and really struggled with going back inside and getting it.  I mean I had a little battle with myself to NOT go in and just accept that I had forgotten it and get the item later.

So later comes and I have been wanting a hamburger for weeks now.  (I generally DON’T eat hamburgers as I am small and they are big and well it’s a lot of calories that I can’t always consume.)

But I couldn’t bare the craving any longer and decided to run home and get my son, who is exceptionally great at eating and buying hamburgers (he’s in the throws of puberty and eating’s his thing right now)

And now I get to the good part…if I had gone back in that store and got the missing item, it would have put me (time wise) in a different spot.

Of course, we are getting burgers from a fast food joint!  Just as we are ordering my other child texts and says, “Come pick me up.”  The entire day had been spent working, so I’m assuming (without asking) that the child is HUNGRY.  So order more food.

Wala…pick up child and of course starving and yes! I scored major points!  Food.

So the next time you’re freaking, do what you feel…everything happens for a reason.  Accept and go on.

Although I still haven’t learned why good people (really good people) die so young sometimes.


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